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My new 1977 Mercury Bobcat

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I bought this car a week ago.  It is awesome and runs great!

I replaced the oil, plugs, brakes, master cylinder, and shocks.  I sealed the moonroof with sealant and tore out the nasty carpet.

I need seats, dash cap, and carpet.

Can anyone estimate a value for me??  Not that I want to sell.

i like the black bobcat!! i have one 75 orange hatchback and a 78 wagon. i wouldnt take less then $12,000.00 for my 75, its a clean 38,000 original documented 2.8 car thats as clean as the day it was rolled off the asembly line. my wagon its a driver/project car when done $5,000.00.
dont know if im really helping, but its worth what someone else will pay you for it!!
take care and good luck with the new cat!!!

That looks like a clean car. Black is sharp with all the chrome. Like bbobcat75 said, value is subjective. My '80 Runabout has an extremely rare special order package & once it's finished I'd put a max value of maybe 8K on it. I wouldn't sell it for that since it's one of a kind & I know every nut & bolt personally. That said, I doubt Ebay would bring more than $5500 based on what I see on there.

gotta love driving down pinto ln!!

My Pintos and parts are priceless to me... 8) Nice looking cat for sure!!


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