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My new 1977 Mercury Bobcat

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the bobcats do look the part, just a shame they were not built earlier like the pinto, they would be another level without  the ugly big bumpers on them..   has anyone fitted pinto bumpers to one  ????????

I know this hasn't been replied to in a while but I can't help it. I love Bobcats. I am so close to getting mine all finished up. I love the car in black, though I am normally not a black car fan (even though my Pangra is black). Keep us posted on the work. The car is sharp! Here is mine (wood and front seats are all that's left):

All of the featured Bobcats are beauties,... but I like that orange one the best!  ;D

Alberto, once you get that woodgrain on, it'll be tough to play favorites...  ::)

Let me know if you get ready to sell, OP!  Talk about a soul survivor!

The orange looks great. I think it is my favorite. Here is my yellow one for comparison.


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