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my 79 pinto wagon


Well guys my wagon started out as a $200.00 clunker I bought to put my 4 cyl racing parts on after the local track closed.I am having a hard time finding parts so I have committed to making other parts work.The door ,window wipes and other gaskets I have went to the local scrap yard and found some and hot glued them on.Frount and back bumpers are off a '41 plymouth,
Side turning signal lights are off a toyota they are flush mount and cover the holes perfect.Door panels were made from 1/4 " oak plywood covered with 4 coats of poly.The dash is from a 1953 fairlane,had to cut and make it work but very cool looking.Got to get a windshield somewere now ,maybe i'll make a cardboard pattern and go to the local u-pull it and see what I can get to come close, .Anyway will post pics when I can.


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Wagons are cool, and if it's driveable, it's worth saving. Sounds like you're doing a classic move on your classic car! Other guys have been using parts from other cars to better their cars since the dawn of the automobile. Get pictures if you can, if you have trouble posting them, let me know, and I'll walk you through it (I'm camera happy! ;D). Take some time to look through the gallery and fill in your profile, you can add an "avatar" or your own pic and comment in the margin to the left of your posts, like mine. Check out the arcade too, there's over 60 games to kill time on. And don't forget to check out our links to other cool stuff! I recommend Cookieboystoys, Brian has some great Pintos, and he's always wheelin-an-deelin, so there's always new stuff!

I failed to mention that I drove this car for about a month before Katrina.It got flooded up to the hood,called the junk man to come and get it but at the time there was so many flooded cars that they were not interested in a Pinto.Been slowly getting it back together maybe soon I can get it back together for a car show,Almost there just a few parts here and there.


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