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I am the original owner of this 1974 Runabout. Car has 229970 miles. I got this the year I graduated from high school. I started to restore it after my 30 year class reunion but as sometimes happens with projects I got side tracked. My stepson graduates this year from high school and needs a senior project. He wants to become a mechanic and last winter we worked on a Toyota Celica for him and installed a motor and transmission. So now he wants to help get the Pinto back on track and going. So only seems fitting to make it a graduation project again. I have most all the original paper work for the car. Only thing missing is the window price sticker. Found the build ticket when I pulled the carpet. Have the original newspaper add it was a weekend special for $3158.58. Regular price was $3569.00. Oh to be able to buy a new car for that price now. Only part that failed during the warrenty period was wiper switch. Out side of brakes once or twice and timing belts every 60000 or so and carb cleaning a couple of times it is as it left the factory. The starter failed the day of the 30th class reunion!! Brush spring broke and would not make contact. Not bad for a cheep car. This is a California emission car out here in Idaho. The neigbors had one that looked the same and was with the exception of the moon roof in theirs. About 100000 difference in serial numbers but also California emission car. Both have the 2.3 engine with 4 speed. I bought it and  plan on using the engine out of it for now. Mine has a burnt exhaust valve. In time I will rebuild mine and reinstall into car, but this will help keep cost down for now. So plans are to rebuild back to stock condition. I am adding factory A/C, heated back glass, and remote mirrors. A/C because I always wanted it, glass and mirrors for safety. One of the items I need to find is a source for seatbelts as my driver belt is bad. I would like to find the body molding that goes in the rear wheel wells. So this will be the winter project with my son. I think we are both looking forward to it. Maybe me more so then he but then I am a ASE tech so know what fun we can have! I am going to farm out the quarter panels for replacement as I just do not have the time right now to do them and we want to start on this before long. The only rust that I could find in the car is back of the rear wheels and when I got it stripped just to the left of the dimmer switch. Floor pans and doors looked very good as did front fenders. If the picture post my car is the one on the right. Left is neigbors. Guess they could be called double trouble. Dennis

Very cool! I can't wait to see the project that awaits! My 78 Sedan was my mothers and my dad and I have worked on the car a lot together. I've done more work on it myself, but he still enjoys helping me when he comes home from out of state. It's nice to see another Pinto that is family owned and restored!

people are always amazed to see a pinto. Some day you could take the pair to a show and blow everyone's socks off.

Well it was off to the body shop this morning to get new quarter panels sectioned in. Son John was able to help since his school runs a four day week. Body shop thought they would get started this afternoon so maybe in a couple of weeks we will have it back and can get started on painting it. I farm and trying to get crops in yet so I just do not have the time right now cut out rust and section in new panels. Body shop felt this car was a very good canidate for restoration. They were amazed how little rust damage there really is for the age and miles. John is tying down front of car. Dennis

My first Pinto was a solid orange '74 Runabout with the 2.3L/4 spd. combination!  I got mine new during my Junior year of high school and it cost $2900... of course mine didn't have the Sports Accent Group like yours.  What a bargain!  What a neat little car!  Those were the days!
Best of luck with your project!  Hope you and your son have a ball!
Dwayne :smile:


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