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OK so the body shop called today, they have it opened up some around the quarter panels. They found some cancer that we were hoping would not be there. The outer section of the inner fender panels need some attention. So question is what have others done to repair this area? Body guy was not real crazy about making from scratch but it may come to that.

Got a break from work so John and I made a trip to the body shop to check on the progress. They had the right inner panel in place and the cancer was gone on the left front corner by the dimmer switch.They were starting on the left inner panel and had found some more rust but I got the impression they were going to fab what was needed to repair that rust. So it is coming along.

John and I tackled the drivers seat last weekend. This is the only seat that was showing wear and tear. I purchased NOS seat material several years ago and after getting that then I ran across the correct seat covers for the car. We installed the covers and will keep the seat material for possible future repairs. This was Johns first time working on seats and he did a wonderful job. We found the seat pan was broke in one cover so traded it out with the parts car. Thought the finish job looked quite nice.

WOW! Very nice. You're hired for mine! lol ;)

Still waiting on the body to get back from the repair shop. Been busy looking at other parts of the project. Going over the wiring harness's making needed repairs. We had a little time tonight so broke out the soda blaster to see what it would do to a fender. Need to get some HoldTight 102 to wash down the metal after cleaning and it is an item I can not find locally so probably will get off EBay. My other experience with soda blasting was mixed, did a wonderful job of taking paint off and not damaging metal but as soon as you washed it it flash rusted before your eyes and that was a pain to deal with. HoldTight is suppose to stop that so will see. Now to deal with the rust that was under the paint around the side maker light and behind the wheel well at the lower end. Probably will do some very light sandblasting in those areas. We are adding sports mirrors to the project and I cleaned up the right side. That went very fast and got into all the tight corners with no harm to the base metal. I did not get a picture of that.


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