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My 1977 Pinto

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Hello All -

I recently joined the forum and wanted to share a few pictures of my 1977 Runabout.  This is my second pinto, my first car in high school was a 1979 red Pinto.


Scott Hamilton:
Nice Ride!

lots more details please.


Thanks -

A little more information on my Pinto:  It is finished in Vista Orange (8G) with a black vinyl interior. It is equipped with the 2.3 I-4 engine matched with an automatic transmission. Options include am AM/FM radio, factory wheels, black vinyl top, power steering, exterior décor group and all glass hatchback.

The car was manufactured September 1976 and was sold out of the Ford Pittsburgh DSO office as part of the dealer stock of Wilt Ford Sales Inc. in Middleburg Pennsylvania.  The car has 40K original miles and still has the original paint and interior.  Only non-original parts on the car are the tires (BF Goodrich Radial TAs), battery and floor mats.

Glad to be part of this group and appreciate the Ford Pinto.


Very nice , hope you keep it inside and only bring it out in nice weather , this one is a keeper


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