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My 1977 Pinto

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I've always been a sucker for an orange Pinto, and that looks like a really sharp one!

My very first car (when I was sixteen) was a brand new 1974 Pinto Runabout, orange with black interior.  I let that one get away from me but currently own one that is virtually identical to it.  

Congratulation s on a really nice looking ride!

Dwayne :)

Congratulation s, that is one amazingly clean machine!
My first new car was a red 1974, 2.3, 4 speed, radio delete sedan. I knew a guy with a green 1973 Vega GT. Dyno Don, Grumpy Jenkins and all that!
Enjoy, seems like the Pinto worked it's way into the lives of half the people you meet.

Wow, nice car.  I too am a sucker for orange vehicles.  I see you have a 64-66 Mustang as well.  Nice stable!

Thanks so much for the nice compliments! Really appreciate it.  I am a 2 horse owner (Pinto & Mustang).  The Pinto is my first car in high school.  The Mustang was my identical to my Dad's car we had when I was growing up.  It's a 1966 convertible.  I posted a better picture of it.


Nice Mustang.  My mom gave me her 67 coupe for my 14th birthday in 1985.  It was her first new car.  Car was in rough shape by then.  I restored it and drove it for many years till I got scared of something happening to it so I retired it from daily driving.  I will never sell it. 


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