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My 1974 slightly modified, 150mph Pinto Runabout and (how I did it easily)


My 74 Runabout V8 swap back in 1982. 1968 Cougar 302.. C4 out of a 1967 Mustang, 1972 Maverick Grabber 8in rear end. Cut the radiator cross support out of the way, engine and trans bolted together with engine mounts and stock exhaust manifolds attached. I pushed the motor and trans straight into the car (piece of cake). The C4 trans a bolts to the stock Pinto transmission mount. Maverick 8" rear end is also a bolt in swap,Leaf Spring pads match up to the holes perfectly, it's actually 2 inches narrower drum to drum. Once the trans was bolted in I know how the engine is going to sit (up,down, side to side),lines up perfectly. Check where the motor mounts are in relation to the frame, I drilled some thick square metal tubing to fit the gap on each side to match the frame holes and wahla !!! 302 more weight (install V6 pinto front coils) lifts front 3 inches. I left the stock intake (yes, really) ran a 750 ThermoQuad with an adapter plate to push enough fuel at high speeds(150mph). I ran a 2 in exhaust system with crossover pipe and Flow Master Mufflers. I bolted on the radiator cross member with some support behind it and bolted a bigger radiator in the front of the support, it gave me plenty of room for a flex fan and cut out the lower center section of the front bumper for more air flow to the radiator. Spoiler on front, Superbird Wing on rear.( Readers Digest Version) Working on a 200mph 77 Cruiser Wagon now!!!

Pictures and time slips from your 150 mph run please. 200 mph Pinto????

Sorry time slip 1/4 mile track at Yreka Ca..
it wouldn't do any good any way since that was my cruising speed going to work on at back highway to work that was little used after I-5 went through...
Nice long 15 mile road to work with few curves...I calculated the number of teeth needed on the speedometer gear that installs in the transmission and after that checked the mile markers down the road to see if the speedometer was accurate to the marker....I also had a friend that cruised down that highway with me up to 100mph to make sure the gearing was correct for the teeth and everything came out perfectly as calculated within 2mph +/- which was good enough for me without getting a ticket....
Here is the only pic I have right now that I can find..I have more(much better) I just have to find out where I put them......

Sweet car! I love v8 conversion Pintos, can't get enough of them, I've probably seen every image on the net several times.

Good show!


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