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My '72


Scott Hamilton:
Webmaster posted from email sent, please respond to the owner's email below,

My Name is Trey Booker and this is my '72 Pinto hatch
I put 4 lug discs on front and a performance master cylinder
s/s brake lines & Dot 5 fluid
Esslinger cam (.500" lift) and rocker arms (1.25:1 ratio)
Weisco pistons (compression 10:1)
9" Ford rear end
Custom flares and running boards (by previous owner)
Future plans include DOHC Focus engine with Turbo and Nitrous
and lighter drivetrain (carbon drive shaft and billet aluminium gears and axles)

 :)Very nice car! The flares on the car are an actual option called a "hot pants kit" iI know because mine also has it.


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