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Looking for a 73 runabout hatchback


1973 runabout hatchback? Pictures, posts, sightings, links; all would be appreciated. I live in a semi remote area, and have several sitting in the weeds pintos, and will use this thread to post pictures of these and first dibs on these same cars as bait for any that help me out. Pintos and peace and love. Pej

Just to make sure we understand correctly...:

1. Are looking for a '73 Pinto Runabout..., or have one to offer? The question mark in the first sentence seems like you are offering one, but the second sentence seems like you are looking for one.

2. You live in a semi remote location (that is not stated). It would be helpful for others to know - to help you.

3. You have several (number of, years not stated) Pinto's and can we assume "sitting in the weeds" means that are not in the best of condition?

4. Is it that you are offering these Pinto's (free??? / price???) to those who assist you in finding the '73 Runabout?

The more information disclosed the better it will be for others to assist you.  The distance you are willing to travel for the '73 Runabout, the condition/years/price of the Pinto's you seem to be offering will help others help you.  There are many helpful people here but there are certain things they will needed to know.


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