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It started out lime-yellow from the factory.

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Scott Hamilton:
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Hi, my name is Jeremy McCarthy and I just thought you might like to see another pic of my pinto since i've painted it.  It started out lime-yellow from the factory.  It is now a color named wildberry with gloss white stripes.  If you'd put this on the new site, i would really appreciate it.  alot of hard work and dedication has been put into this one.  thanks

the pinto's recently been given a facelift, its now wildberry purple metallic with gloss white stripes, yay!  Oh yeah, I did it myself too with Duplicolor spray cans, lol.  turned out nicer than i thought it would tho.  what do y'all think??

just another angle of the pony after the paint

  Good lookin paint from a rattle can.How many cans did it take you and did you use a clear coat over it?
   I attempted spray can painting my Pinto years back and it didn't turn out as well as yours did.I failed to clear coat my work so it faded out extra fast and I wound up sanding everything back down and went with primer once again.

Looks good. I've seen a couple of rattle can paint jobs that look great (and this is one of them). It's all in the prep work (lots and lots of sanding). Buy your sand paper in bulk, you can buy it by the box :)


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