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After 8 weeks and 3 days my car is repaired. Gone is the Maaco paint. I added some money to the insurance and had it painted. All the paint was removed and primed and block sanded. Maaco just painted over the old.
I included interior photos because I haven't posted them before. Please say if you like the artwork or plain side better.
Thank you


So glad things worked out for you!  I'm sure others will disagree (and if you hadn't asked, I wouldn't have commented) but I'm one of those people who prefers things to look as stock as possible.  To that end, if it were my car the sides would be left plain.  But that's just my opinion, so please don't let it influence you.  It is your car to enjoy any way you see fit.  The main thing is: enjoy it!!!

Dwayne :)

Looks great interior is incredible  what my I ask are you taking
Your pictures with  and how do I post on the site
I am technical iliterate
10 min to type this


I transferred photos from my camera to my computer. Below this window you will see a box that says "Attach" and Browse. Click on browse and you will see a list of stuff from your computer. Look for your photo, click on it the click open. Then post.

Thanks for the advice
But never had a computer
Using my smart phone
I'll get their


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