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Hi, I'm new here and here is my life story that involves a few Pintos ....

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I've not seen a Pinto like your black one. Love it.

I don't know where you are but here is one for sale in Portland, Or.

I love the appreciation you have, and had, for the four Pintos you had. The ones that were yours were all beautiful... the brown wagon that is not yours (LOL) is beautiful too.  Now, I hate to be nitpicky... but the '71 looks more like a '72 because it looks like it has the full glass hatch, as opposed to the half-glass hatch that the '71 model year Runabouts had. Still my favorite era of Pinto. I hope you will get another nice Pinto.

Beautiful cars, I had never seen a black 77 itís sharp.
If they are still in your heart you probably want another one enough, good luck in getting it!

Finally I know what car had that trio gauge set. I pulled one from a junk car a long time ago to put in my 1973 Runabout. If I have a gripe about Pintos, it is not enough gauges on the dash. The factory gauges were crap, though. I replaced them with 3 1/2" VDO gauges.


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