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Hi guys!


Hi there,

New member.  I'm sure I'll have a few questions in the future.
It's a 72 Runabout.  Bought it last year from a family that has driven it through the decades.  It's in pretty good shape, if it wasn't for a dent in the top of a fender the body would be classified as great.

I'm liking it a lot. I have an older corvette and this gets more thumbs up & talk started than the vette!

Lonny Candel:
That is a great looking Pinto. I just sold my 78 Bobcat. Lots of money spent, and hardly driven. Had the 2.3 rebuilt, and looks like the new owner is going to put in the V8 out of his 78 Pinto which is a very nice pro street looking Pinto.

Looking the Cragars!


Thanks PB.

I can't believe I scored those 4 spoke cragers. Got them a couple of months after getting the car.  I wanted get some 13-14" mags and shopped craigs list and a guy was selling a set approx. 20 mi from my house. Love them!  8)

Cool rig! I love the color, a nice clean car. I agree the Cragars look right on it.



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