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Converting early Pinto suspension to Mustang II

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Iím sure this topic has already been covered, but I was unable to find it in a search. I have a 1973 Pinto race car. The suspension is in dire need of rebuilding, but all of the suspension components are obsolete and cannot be purchased new. I want to convert my 73 Pinto to Mustang II suspension components, so I can use all of the trick adjustable control arms and such. The only thing that is important to me is that I get to use the same 13 inch wheel with the 4 x 4 1/4 bolt pattern, because I donít want to have to buy new wheels as well. I use Basset 13x10 wheels with the 20x10R13 Avon race slicks, and they are easy to come by at this moment. If there is already a thread that covers this topic, just a simple link would suffice.
I contacted Racer Walsh via Facebook messenger, and they said they could help with this conversion, but gave me no information beyond that. Letís say they were less than helpful.

I understand not wanting to spend money for different size wheels, but I don't believe you will find 13" tires.

As stated in my original post, I run the Avon 20x10R-13 A11 race tire. Iíve raced this car for 12 years and never had a problem getting them. Street tires arenít available, but race tires still are.

Not having done this but just looking at the dimensions, the following might be done:  For the MII lower arm to bolt on, the attachment tabs under the crossmember would need to moved further apart front to back (not sure of the side to side location).  I believe the MII strut rod is a little too long and a 74 up Pinto one would be needed.  For the upper MII arm to bolt on the frame, mounting holes would need to be moved further apart and the hole shape modified to accommodate the diamond shaped shank of the MII bolts, a spacer block welded to the frame to raise the mounting point to accommodate the taller MII spindle.  Fortunately your unique 73 steering rack has the larger tie rod ends to fit the MII steering arms.  The above assumes the MII and 74 up Pinto front suspensions are the same except for the strut rod.

Could replace the front crossmember with a 74 up Pinto one or with one those custom made crossmembers used by the hot rod groups.

That info is what I was looking for. I didnít know how much different the geometry and attachment points were between the two.
Iíll look into getting a whole kit, that includes the crossmember. [size=78%]The difficulty there is that most of the hotrod MII suspensions use a 5 lug hub. [/size]
Iím planning on going to a power steering rack as well.


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