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Converting early Pinto suspension to Mustang II

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The guy that ended up buying my old 72 hatch converted it to Mustang II by cutting out the cross member and installing the 74+ cross member.  I never saw the completed product but his wife drove it around for another 2-3 years after he did the swap till the car finally succumbed to the tin worm.  He ended up swapping the drivetrain into another body.    The parts are out there for the early front suspension.  I see them from time to time.  It might take some time but I think you can find the parts.  good luck to you

The MII and late Pinto spindles are also a lot taller than the early ones.
I had a late Pinto parts car that I was going to cut the crossmember out of for possible transplant into my '72, but at the time wasn't able to have the car laid-up for such a lengthy (sub)project.

Here are some rough measurements I took.


--- Quote from: EP73Pinto on October 07, 2020, 11:55:58 AM ---The difficulty there is that most of the hotrod MII suspensions use a 5 lug hub.

--- End quote ---
That's not an issue because you can still use stock replacement late Pinto/MII rotors(which, unlike the early ones, are still cheap and easy to get) and calipers(and/or caliper brackets, not sure). The spindle snout is the same as many other Ford cars. For example, I'm using Granada 11" rotors and bearings on '72 spindles. Granada rotors are usually what is included with MII front suspension kits.

Sometimes I forget how old our cars are. Today the newest Granada is 40 years old. I can remember my monthly treks to Pick Your Part / U-Pull Parts back in the 90's and there was hardly a Granada that didn't have the front suspension pulled. It would be a very rare sighting today. But given all the early Mustang/Falcons etc. still on the road the Granada rotors still have their place.

I was curious to see the build run of the Granada and the Wiki provided this: " The Ford Granada derives its rear-wheel drive chassis from the 19601965 Ford Falcon."


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