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Lonny Candel:
I have had this car since 2014.  It sat mostly due to 2.3 engine smoked, and finally just became extremely difficult to start.  But I recently had the motor rebuilt in 2017 with a Ranger cam.  It now runs great, and have since put a new radiator in it.  Its only real issue now is the gear shifter is lose, and has been like this since owning it.

Could you go into a little more detail on how it is loose? Do you mean it kind of wants to just fall into reverse?

The loose rubber hose in your hand shifter is often caused by the plastic bushing shaped like a saddle that rest at the very end of the shifter. Take the shifter out and look in the hole. When it wears out the shifter goes bonkers. Merkur Parts Midwest has them in stock most of the time. Very easy fix.

Lonny Candel:
Well the loosness is very loose.  I can wobble the shifter in any position.  In neutral I can move it left and right way too much.  I have developed an eye of where to shift it as I shift gears. It's easy. However, I have put it into reverse mistakingly thinking I was putting it into 1st, and OUUCH...grinds .  It also goes into gear while driving, but there is a noticeable hard spot as I shift into gear.

The bushing is in the Merkur parts Midwest catalog on page two of transmission parts near the bottom for $17.65 each.


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