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Lonny Candel:
If that is all it is, that is great!  But the Merkur bushing will fit the standard transimission of a Pinto/Bobcat?  Well, I ordered it.  Hopefully, it works.  Thanks for the tip.

Lonny Candel:
The bushing came in, and I took the rubber boot off.  Then pulled up the smaller rubber boot that fits around the shifter.  Looked down the hole, but all I can see is the round metal ball at the end of the shifter.  There is a round metal piece with metal squares sticking out around it.  It looks like that piece might be able to be tapped out.  Then maybe the entire stick shift could come out. But I did not see that small bushing that I ordered from Mercur Midwest.


I pulled my shifter out of the transmission trying to race a Subaru, bad idea! If I remember right, the "round metal piece with metal squares sticking out around it" unscrews out of the trans and comes out with the entire shifter. The trans linkage is then exposed. Be gentle with that round metal piece, in my 1975 4 speed, the threads were plastic, and should not have been cleaned with a wire brush! Oops
I love the grilles on those early Bobcats

The part you need to replace is down inside the hole the shifter came out of. A pair of needle nose plyers will remove it. When you replace the shifter make sure you bend 1 or 2 tabs down on the ring of tabs to prevent the shifter from unscrewing from the tranie on down the road. No oil is ever placed down the shifter hole.

Lonny Candel:
It's been a while, but I had no luck trying to get that shifter out to replace that part.  So the part I orderd from Merkur Midwest still sets in the glove box. I tried 3 times. I realized the round piece is plastic. And the plastic ball 8) sets on top of the metal tabs seems to be glued onto the metal tabs and transimission. If I put any more pressure on the plastic ball with the pliers, I am worried that the plastic ball will break into pieces. So I thought that I better leave it alone since I can still drive it like it is even though the shifter is lose.

I also just replaced the thermostat gasket.  However, it started to steam from the radiator cap after having the engine running for a while. I thought I put the thermostat back in correctly. I will have to take it back off to verify, and hopefully not ruin the new gasket. lol I already replaced the radiator and the cap a couple of months ago. They are brand new.  And of course the 2.3L was rebuilt this summer 2017 with a Ranger Cam.


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