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77 Bobcat Arrives


The Bobcat I bought off of Bill from this site "JoeBob" finally arrived late last week. It was a bit dirty from the trip down from Colorado, but I got it washed and started checking it out. It was interesting to drive and I had a few memory flashbacks from when I drove my parents Bobcat (before I got my own first car) back over 40 years ago. I'm looking forward to getting to know the car better!   
-So don't know if it's possible to change my name on here since I didn't get a wagon...if it is, maybe through the moderator, please let me know.


As a moderator, one would think that would be possible.  However, I've never had any success with trying it.  Some of the other moderators/administrators are more computer savvy than I so it may still be possible, but they do not check in as often as I do.  You can always start another profile with a different name if you want.  If you decide to take that route, PM me and let me know the name you want to use and I'll be sure to approve it promptly. 

Dwayne :)

1972 Wagon:
Glad to hear that JoeBob arrived safely! Have fun driving him and expect to spend time talking to people about the Pinto's they once had!


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