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71 289 like Scotts


Scott, here is my 71 289 Pinto with a C4 and 9" 4:11 posi rear end. BTW, Its for sale.

Scott Hamilton:

Look at thoses wheels!

  Great looking ride! Even though I would have no money to spend right now...I'd buy it if I had the cash. For now I'll start by asking how many hours were spent getting the rear wheel/tire combo to fit.And what sort of suspension you have under the obvious 8.8 or 9 inch rear swap?
   Basically your car is what I had in mind for my 78 when I was in High School but it never came to pass. Partly through lack of funds and mostly due to the ammount of fun that the 2.3 when re-built was supplying.
   Gotta run for now....please don't sell for another year untill next tax-refund gets here....hahaha ...sure like I'm that lucky.

 As for the hours spent on the wheel tire combo, who knows? I have a 9" rearend and a 4" back set wheel. It seems that the 4 to 4 1/2" back set wheel workes the best however I have used a mustang wheel with a 5 1/2 back set and a 1/4 spacer and it works but depending on the tire size the tire side wall may rub the Ebrake cable.


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