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1977 pinto x 2

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Hi. I recently picked up a beat 77 pinto coupe to put a built 2.3 motor into. The motor I got in trade for some construction work. Apparently the motor was built for salt flats racing in an early 90s Ranger. The pinto is in pretty rough shape, no motor or gas tank but that wouldn't matter anyway. The original 3-speed auto is still in the car. While loading, the rear bumper was pulled off...😭. Guess I get to learn aluminum welding... This particular pinto is on the back burner.

The 2nd pinto is in much better shape. It has the 2.8l/auto. Unfortunately the magic smoke got away. I'm not sure if I want to try replacing short sections of wire, or rob the harness from the other pinto. I'm leaning to using the full harness, reason being i can check all connectors for being loose, which i suspect caused the magic smoke to leave. So.... can anyone tell me how to remove the wiring harness? It looks like there isn't a connector at the firewall. Do I need to disconnect everything under the dash?

Follow the bundle where it goes through the firewall.  Under the dash are (I think) two connectors that will separate the under hood harness from the under dash harness.  You will not have to remove the under-dash wiring.  Just un-do the connectors.  If I get a few free minutes I will snap a pick or two of the connectors.  My under-hood harness isn't in a real accessible spot at the moment but will try you get pics of that too. 

Good to know. Thanks.

First pic is the feed from under the hood to under the dash.  The big grommet goes through the firewall.  THe second pic are the two under dash connectors that correspond to the under hood feeds.  Hope this helps.

Thanks both of you for the tips, I was able to re and re the wiring. Had a problem with the duraspark module but finally got it.
Unfortunately found some serious rot on drivers floor and firewall.
Will be draining gas tank next and see if it fires with new gas.


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