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1977 pinto x 2

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Keep working on it and post your results so we can all learn from each others' struggles.

3rd time trying to post to my own thread...
I ran into a snag with the wiring to the 2.8l alternator. The replacement harness came from a 2.3l engine, and the connection is different as well one wire is significantly bigger. I'm doing some research but any advice is welcome.

1st and last pics 2.8.
Middle two pics 2.3.

When I go out to the shop I will look to see what mine looks like.  1980, 2.3.

So I was stymied at the alternator wiring last time I was looking at it. I couldn't figure out why the plug at the alternator wasn't matching with any plugs in the wiring harness. Today I took another look. It seems when I put in the new harness pulled from a 2.3 engine car, I didn't look close enough. Best guess is the 2.3 engine has the alternator on the drivers side compared to the 2.8 on the passenger side, and I didn't have a 2.3 engine with an alternator to compare to the 2.8 in the car. So now I may have to reroute the wiring harness, or extend the wires from the alternator plug to reach to the plug on the drivers side. Which is what I think will be easiest... Going to look a little closer after supper.

I'm having problems finding the connector ends I need. Anyone have a source? I've tried a couple local parts places and rock auto and eBay. Its the end of the short alternator harness. I already have a new alternator end. I want to build a short extension harness that will use a female and male end like pictured so I don't molest the original harness.


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