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1977 pinto x 2

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Decided to do a compression test. Sparkplugs are indicating rich on every cylinder. Compression is not encouraging.


1) 75/

2) 100/

3) 120/

4) 100/

5) 75/

6) 70/75

Only did #6 for wet psi and got discouraged. I'll have to dig out my leak down tester and get my compressor operational. Which means running about 200 feet of "temporary" wire from the breaker to where I am. I only have 20 amp at my place right now, and need more to run the 5hp electric compressor motor. Probably won't get done tomorrow and were getting a big dump of snow starting tomorrow night for the next few days.

Picked up a pair of 2012 Ford Focus seats today... for free! They look to be in decent shape. Need a cleaning maybe. And one plastic handle needs replacing. Hopefully its new enough that ford has parts. No pics as its dark out and I didn't think of getting any when I was looking at them closer. They are grey. I'll need to die them to match interior color.

Yea, the seat width area on the Pinto is kind of tight.  I used the seats out of my donor Turbo Coupe. The seats have adjustable side bolsters and I have to crank them in all the way. Good thing I'm slim. I wound up using the Pinto tracks.


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