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1976 Wagon with 308.000 miles!

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Well, more news on the "old" wagon.

It now has 360,900 miles on the original block. Uses oil, but the oil pressure is still over 55 PSI and the last time I ran a compression check all the cylinders were within reasonable range. Still a great daily driver, and it gets a lot of attention!!

That wagon of yours is nothing short of amazing.  I hope mine proves to be just as reliable.

Dwayne :)

74 PintoWagon:
That's awesome..

That's great , if it's using oil you might try changing the valve stem seals , you do not have to pull the head and worth the effort, had them get hard as a rock on a few pintos and rangers with the 2.3 , easy way to check them is to pull the valve cover and use a ice pick and stick the side of the seal through the valve springs , if they are soft they are good , if they crack and crumble they are bad , hope ''this tip helps everyone ,

At 308,000 miles and 42 years my bet is 99.9% their hard. I agree if done yourself it is a good investment. If your paying someone then just get the whole had redone. But, this doesn't account for ring/bore wear.  So, I'd say either do the seals yourself, or just keep driving it and add oil as needed.  BTW, my 150,000 mile turbo motor still has a nice crosshatch on the cylinder walls. Ford did something right.

If you do it yourself I recommend the using thin rope in the cylinder to hold the valve in place while the spring is compressed. Happy motoring and may you get 308,000+ more!


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