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--- Quote from: dga57 on August 01, 2020, 02:19:04 PM ---Inspirational words of wisdom for sure!  I think individualism is key.  There's nothing wrong with becoming a doctor or lawyer because your dad was one, or a nurse or teacher because that was your mom's choice, but I think the concept of daring to think outside the box, making a plan or having a dream, and then going for it, will ultimately bring you more satisfaction in life.  I have a friend whose family pushed him to study medicine because his father, and his father's father, were physicians.  His heart wasn't in it but, good son that he was, he gave it his all.  When he made it, he took over his dad's private practice and after about ten years was so disillusioned and unhappy that he walked away from medicine altogether.  He then decided to pursue what he had secretly wanted to do all along: he became a high school science teacher!  Far less income, but happiness isn't measured in dollars.  Thanks for sharing!

Dwayne :)   

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The name might not be familiar, but Georg Phillip Telemann was the most successful of all Baroque music composers. Then as now, being a musician was not the most lucrative nor prestigious of occupations. Georg's parents did not rest until he got into a university law degree program. Through college he kept the music up. He never practiced law, but he took the musical world by storm. One might suppress a passion, but one can never kill it.


--- Quote from: Henrius on August 10, 2020, 01:32:28 PM ---One might suppress a passion, but one can never kill it.

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Absolute truth!!!


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