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General Help- Ask the Experts... / Valve on Pangra turbo manifold
« Last post by sverhoon on Yesterday at 08:19:07 AM »
Morning all! Just curious if any of you have information on this valve that is part of the Pangra turbo manifold? Would like to know more about it or see if I need to restore/refresh it at all as I am going through the fuel system. Thank you!!
1974 Pinto Pangra
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on November 26, 2023, 04:19:44 PM »
I did very little on my project over the Thanksgiving weekend, but I am satisfied with what I did.  I cut (2) 6" pieces of 2" angle that I will weld a tab onto and bolt to the bumper brackets.  You will see in the "above" pic that I have them vice gripped in place.  It will extend the bumper forward and give me more surface area to weld the bumper mounts to.  There are pieces of of angle under the bumper on each side that you can't see. They are temporarily bolted in place and I will weld them to the angles I will bolt to the brackets.  That will solve my "how do I mount the front bumper?" problem.

The next thing I am thinking of is either fabbing a headlamp bracket to be welded to the top of the bumper brackets, and mount the headlamps to it, of maybe mount the headlamps to the outboard bumper mounting bolt hole.  It will be solid enough, but pending a warm spell and some extra time,  I'm probably not going to tackle that until Spring.  It will allow me to eliminate the chinsy headlight brackets I made a couple of weeks ago.  I don't like the way they look and they aren't as solid as I would like.  I only tacked them in place for easy removal if I came up with a better idea.

Pic # 3 shows that it is in its Winter resting spot.  I will be working away from home until Christmas and there will be plenty of other tasks for me to do so this might be all my progress until Spring.  I will watch to see what others post and advise of any additional progress I make over the Winter. 
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: this car for sale on facebook
« Last post by rob289c on November 26, 2023, 04:01:02 PM »
Very nice car.  It's a shame your health condition prevents you from enjoying it.  I'm sure you will find the right buyer.  There aren't many as nice as yours.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: this car for sale on facebook
« Last post by JoeBob on November 24, 2023, 08:37:46 PM »
I have been wanting to sell this car for two years but could not face it. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for 10 years. I get weaker year by year. I quit driving 2 years ago and yet I still hoped some miracle would happen. 2 months ago I tried to carry a card table chair from the garage to the house. I could not get it done.  I had to finally face the facts. I am lucky to get to the garage, let alone drive this car.
I love this car, I have had it 22 years. I pray that one of you will love it like I have.Bill
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on November 19, 2023, 07:16:53 PM »
Zero progress this weekend on the project.  I did however go out the breakfast with my car club buddies Saturday AM, got a big chunk of my wife's Christmas present taken care of, got most of the Christmas lights on the house including all the ones that require the 28' extension ladder.  I went to the 174th Fighter Wing Alumni Thanksgiving Party today.  I am hoping this coming weekend I will get something done on the project.

I am re-thinking my headlight and bumper mounting ideas.  I may come up with a different setup if it is practical and can figure out a better way to mount them than the path I am currently on.  More to come, but I'm running out of time.  After this coming week I will be working 5 hours away until Christmas...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
General Help- Ask the Experts... / this car for sale on facebook
« Last post by JoeBob on November 18, 2023, 03:38:42 PM »
I posted this here because NEW TOPIC was not listed on the for sale thread.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: Help with engine identification
« Last post by Wittsend on November 18, 2023, 02:49:42 PM »

There is the early 2.0 OHC engine used through 1974 that was built in Germany and is referred to as the EAO engine. Otherwise there is the USA 2.3 Lima OHC engine that was used from 74-thru the end run in 1980. There was also an early push rod 1.6 Kent engine and the V-6 Engine but yours is obviously not either of those. Also worth mentioning there was a 2.0 (and a 2.5) Lima engine used in the Ranger trucks. So, be aware that the 2.0 EAO German and the USA Lima 2.0 engines are not the same.

I promptly removed my 2.0 EAO engine from my '73 Pinto and swapped in a Turbo 2.3 Lima engine from my fuel injected '88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. Thus I'm not the best to tell the difference. That said, I have provided two pictures of my 2.0 EAO. There are aspects I believe are different between the 2.0 EAO and the 2.3 Lima engine that to the untrained eye look similar. Of note is the smallish distributor cap, the fuel pump that mounts with top/bottom bolts and the front pulley and timing "window" on the 2.0 EAO engine. I also notice a "20" on the lower part of the timing cover. I'm not sure if that denotes the 2.0 (EAO) engine or not??? I hope these help.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Help with engine identification
« Last post by sundug on November 18, 2023, 10:30:34 AM »
I was given a Blakely Bearcat kit car that has Pinto running gear. Unfortunately I do not have the original VIN and there are no tags on the engine or transmission. It is an inline four of unknown vintage and that's where I need help. How can I tell the difference between the 2L and the 2.3L engine without any tags? I have the same problem with the three speed automatic transmission. I'm pretty sure it's an early C4, as the dipstick tube does not go into the pan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide pictures. Thanks, Doug
Your Pintos/Bobcats & Racers / Re: New car !
« Last post by Reeves1 on November 18, 2023, 09:25:24 AM »

This picture is with the 750 DP carb. Replaced with an 850 DP . Also doesn't show the headers.

289/302 intake from the old Ford Performance Program.
Duel Plane High Riser.
These flow as well or better than any new one.
C90X 9424 B
$600.00 Plus shipping.
Prefer to sell in Canada.

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