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76 drivers fender
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1971-73 2.0 motor moiunts
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Mint Original Black Rear Seat $275.00

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Wanted Postal Pinto
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New cam

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Holley 2305 progressive 2 bbl carb 350cfm

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74 Pinto wagon armrests
Date: 01/18/2017 07:04 pm
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Steering Wheel Needed for 1972 Pinto
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Pinto Wheel Well Trim
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pro stock front end
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General Pinto Talk / Re: MY VINTAGE CAR
« Last post by 65ShelbyClone on May 24, 2024, 08:37:52 PM »
In CA all my street-legal vehicles, three cars and a motorcycle, are more than 20 years old and the minimum renewal fee is over $150 each. I'm about to end up with a fourth that will be $170/yr. I have family in Montana and there you can get a permanent tag for vehicles that old that is $180. No smog checks either. Hmmm...

Here they don't try to trick you into overvaluing your vehicle on a "survey," they just stick the knife in and twist.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: 1971-73 2.0 motor mounts
« Last post by Wittsend on May 24, 2024, 10:52:49 AM »
It looks like it will do the job. The alignment pin might have only been there to assist for assembly to keep it from falling off. As in, one person places it on the bracket and another person tightens it. Or it might be there for anti rotation when it is being tightened.

BTW, I don't remember bolts on the metal engine mount. My recollection was that I had to cut mine out because they were welded. and when I went to the 2.3 I had to get 74-up brackets and weld them in too.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: 1971-73 2.0 motor mounts
« Last post by LongTimeFordMan on May 23, 2024, 11:05:13 PM »

The 2429 mounts fit... they are about 1/4" taller than old mounts, not sure how they would compare to new oem.

I cut off the alighment pins on the 2429 and because the studs on the 2429 were on the same.axis and the oem were offset i used the aux hole (the one for the safety cable, zoom in to see holes)  in the engine side mount and the 2429 seemed to line up with a bit of massaging

Heres a pic of the 2429 installed on driver side.
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on May 23, 2024, 06:40:25 PM »
I have thought about spraying some type of smooth but textured product on before the black paint.  I'll have to do a little research to see what's suitable and available.  Or maybe not...

I won't be making any progress this weekend.  I'll be out of town.  I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend while remembering why the holiday exists...

General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: 1973 windshield wiper arms
« Last post by ponyboy on May 23, 2024, 02:44:21 PM »
Yes that helps. It seems many Fords used these same wiper arms, and, and right and left are the same part#. There seems to be very little Pinto specific information out there. Thank you.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: 1973 windshield wiper arms
« Last post by Wittsend on May 23, 2024, 11:12:08 AM »
As far as I can tell the wipers on my '73 wagon are the same. I measured from the perceived center of the pivot point to the inside corner just before it angles to where the blade mounts and both were 14-3/4". Hope that helps.
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: Pinto California Emissions Questions
« Last post by dga57 on May 23, 2024, 08:08:27 AM »
Have you checked to make sure that you need a smog check? Check with your county of residence and some posts in other forums indicate that in 2003 the cut off year chang3d and vehicles older than 35 years qualify as historically significant. Do some checking.. maynsave you some grief.

Here in the free state of Texas any vehicle older than 20 years qualifies for an antique plate....

$75 for 5 years, no inspection...

Virginia has a similar program... I think I paid 45 or 50 dollars for mine, but it's good for as long as I own the car.  No property taxes and no state inspections necessary.  Beats the heck out of California and probably a lot of other states! 

Dwayne :)
General Help- Ask the Experts... / 1973 windshield wiper arms
« Last post by ponyboy on May 22, 2024, 06:33:18 PM »
The wiper arm is broken on the left side on my 1973 wagon. I found a new wiper arm, but it says "right side" Are the right and left wiper arms the same on a '73? I noticed that other Ford models that use the same design use the same wiper arm for both sides. Thanks. Jerry.
General Pinto Talk / Re: MY VINTAGE CAR
« Last post by Wittsend on May 22, 2024, 09:43:17 AM »
Nearly 57 years in California after first 10 years in NJ. You can't beat the weather and there is the opportunity to ski in the mountains and surf in the ocean on the same day (if you want to). But otherwise, at least sections of paradise have been turned into a hell hole. I blame the people, they are the ones who put the politicians in office. Too much apathy or ignorance at the polls. My sister and her husband exited to Idaho (outer Boise area) and all they did is pushed the clock back a number of years.  Basically it is turning into the area they left. I always say, "Once a place becomes the place to be..., it is no longer the place to be."
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: tech section?
« Last post by Wittsend on May 22, 2024, 09:35:30 AM »
SOMETIMES..., searching Google works better than searching the actual site. Typically people ask a specific question and then the Mindhive of Pintodom helps as we can.
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