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Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on Today at 03:39:50 AM »
Yesterday I did something that I have thought about a lot but didn't want to do.  I tied the rear of the Pinto transmission hump to the rear floor section/driveshaft tunnel of the Mustang body.  The hump and tunnel are of different shapes and sizes so I knew it was going to be a PITA to fabricate with no special metal working tools and then getting it tacked and welded in place.  The right side was pretty easy as it was just a filler piece that with a little massaging, it went together pretty easily.  The left side was a little more complicated.  I had to fab a sort of a block off panel, then the filler piece.  Neither side is pretty, but with a little grinding, primer, seam sealer, and paint, it will be a functional repair.  It is solid and now the firewall/trans hump are tied to the rear of the body.  Like most parts of the project, it took way more time than I thought it would at the onset.  My plan is that once all together I want to cover the hump and down over the frame rails with diamond plate.  That will give it a more "finished" look.  It is still going to be a "step into" cockpit and will not have full floors.  I'll be sure to post pics when complete.

The other thing I have in work is I have a small metal shop fabricating the 9 windshield clips I will need to hold the windscreen in place at the cowl/firewall.  They are making them out of stainless so I won't have to coat them.  Not sure of ETA, but I don't need them right away anyway.

I will make more progress today and will try to get a progress report posted this evening. 
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on July 10, 2024, 07:52:43 AM »
I love your 'Vair!  A friend in HS had a '66 2-door that we used to tool around in.  Another buddy had a '65.  I like the ones that were like a pick up but you (I) never see any of those.

As for the door jam area, I am planning to just paint it body color.  I am also looking to fabricate a triangulated piece out of round tubing that will be welded to a hinge at the firewall and extend back to where the striker plate would be to function as a door.  Really it will give the illusion of safety so neither driver nor passenger accidentally falls out.  It will just be pinned closed.  As for wood to give it a finished look, I have no talent with wood and limited wood working tools.  I am planning to cover the sides of the firewall with diamond plate to give it a "finished" look and also diamond plate on the floor sections to cover up the raggedy transmission hump and give that a more finished look.

Last night during my "I can't get back to sleep" session, I remembered that I still need to get the clips that will hold my windscreen to the cowl fabricated.  I need them ASAP as they will also need to be epoxy coated and painted.  I would like to not have to do another epoxy session...I want to spray everything at once while I have it mixed and in the spray gun.  Especially the small amount I will need to mix and spray on the clips.  Improper planning on my part...I should have had them fabbed already.  I may opt to have them powder-coated at the sheet metal shop as they perform that service too.  Then I won't have to worry about epoxy and paint.  Anyway, we're getting closer to the weekend so I hope to have more progress to report by Sunday.

Edit: on the inside vertical edge, I am going to install black windlace over the edge to cover it up.  It is the same material that the Mustang had from the factory. 
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by Wittsend on July 08, 2024, 02:19:18 PM »
You seem to be very happy having the weather to get back at it. it is really coning along. I was curious what the plans for the area circled in red are? It would seem wood might be a good product to make a "finisher" on that end.

BTW (as inspiration) I finally got my Corvair wagon running decent enough to get it to Cars & Coffee last weekend.

Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on July 07, 2024, 06:30:34 PM »
This morning I sanded the body.  I had sprayed the epoxy 2 or so years ago so it needed to be abraded.  I used 600 grit.  Next weekend I plan to spray more epoxy on various parts, brackets, etc and weld the Pinto transmission hump to the Mustang driveshaft tunnel to tie it all together.  That work area will need a squirt of epoxy too.  I also found a high spot on the left sail panel and sanded it down so that will need a squirt too. 

I am going to paint the dash pad with Krylon Fusion Hammered Texture Black.  It claims to adhere to plastic and vinyl so it should be suitable to spray on the body-filler repaired dash pad and the hammered texture should hide the repaired areas better.  I will clean with solvent first, then adhesion promotor, then the paint.  Fingers crossed it comes out looking nice.

I leave for San Antonio on the 16th and am taking the 15th off.  I am hoping by then I will have sprayed 4 coats of urethane primer surfacer.  When I get back I can sand it smooth in preparation for color coat.  Hopefully in 2-3 weeks the body and paint portion of this project will be over! 
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on July 01, 2024, 12:43:07 PM »
I made 0 progress on my project this past weekend.  I am cleaning out and organizing two rooms that my wife and son have badly cluttered over the last several years.  I am reclaiming one for a grandchild nursery and the other to be a guest room.  I found things I haven't seen in years.  Tossed some, will donate some, some have been stored in a better way, and some will be returned to use now that I know they are still in existence.  I hope next weekend is more productive on my project!
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: What is This Part?
« Last post by rob289c on July 01, 2024, 12:36:44 PM »
I think I know why I am confused.  When I sectioned the cowl, it moved the dash forward roughly 8" so the orange bracket I asked about no longer fits where it was in the factory position.  I have the other one in the pic below that I cut apart and re-welded to alter it that I am going to have to use in place of the orange one.  I'm not exactly sure how it originally mounted.  The 2nd pic is an attempt to show how narrow the cowl is now and how far forward the dash will be from its factory position.  Sectioning the cowl not only created a lot of extra work, but also a lot of "re-engineering" to mount other parts and components and other alterations to make things work. 
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: What is This Part?
« Last post by Reeves1 on July 01, 2024, 09:47:24 AM »
I thought I had a picture on this home computer showing the brackets spot welded to  the trans hump. Must be on my lap top in the shop.
That part is bolted to these brackets & the bottom of the dash. Then a plastic sort of an open cubby hole for stuff.
General Pinto Talk / VENTSHADES
« Last post by davidpinto on June 28, 2024, 05:02:02 PM »
Your Project / Re: Pinto Powered Mustang Roadster
« Last post by rob289c on June 24, 2024, 02:37:34 PM »
Yesterday (Sunday) I wire wheeled the inner quarters from the Mustang.  Paint removed and wiped down with paint prep solvent.  They are ready for epoxy.  That was pretty much it for my project work. 

I think next will be to scuff the body that is in epoxy in case I sand through to metal or body filler so I can touch it up while I have epoxy in the gun spraying other parts.

Most of the day was spent weeding the garden, weeding around the patio, trimming shrubs, raking the clippings, weed whacking, mowing.  Worked like a dog!
General Help- Ask the Experts... / Re: What is This Part?
« Last post by rob289c on June 24, 2024, 02:31:06 PM »
Thank you all for the answers!  I will look it over when I get home.  There is another piece that I thought suited that purpose that I was going to use...I'll post that pic later.  My dash is modified and the part I posted may no longer fit for my application.  I will report my findings.  Thanks again.
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