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Author Topic: 78 Bobcat  (Read 866 times)

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78 Bobcat
« on: April 27, 2018, 03:36:34 PM »
78 Bobcat

 I have a nice 78 Bobcat hatchback. It is white in color with very nice red interior. The 2.3L was rebuilt in summer 2017. And it also has the refurbishedwhi te wheels with red center caps on nice tires. I have not mounted them. But I plan on mounting them after I get the new leaf springs, coils, shocks, front spindles and brakes put on. I purchased the wheels off of Ebay for $500, and the suspension parts off of Craigslist for $400. I also have a rear end with 3.0 gears and good brakes and drums. The 44 Spd stick shift is a little lose, but it is very driveable as is. I have a part that goes inside the transmission to fix it; however, it looks like someone before me put jb weld on the round plastic piece that sits over the hole where the stick shift goes through. So it doesn't screw off. Also with the suspension parts that I planned on putting on are the Upper and Lower Control Arms with new bushings.

The car has lots of newer parts added since I have took ownership of it in 2014. I can provide a list.

It has some rust under the doors, but it cannot be seen from standing beside the car. You have to get down to look under the doors. It is nothing that cannot be fixed. All the other rust on the car is surface rust.

The carb probablyneeds to be jetted for higher altitude. It takes a couple of cranks on a cold start. But once started, it runs like a champ. You should not have that issue since you are at a lower altitude.  I bought the carb at Pep Boys, but did not know about having it jetted.

The car has a stereo/cassette player that works, and speakers on the door. They are Kraco brand. Car also has a new spare tire. The four steelies and almost new condition 13 inch tires will come with the car also.

Clear title under my name. I am testing the water because I am not sure of which car to sell. I just bought another car so I have to sell one of my extras. Thanks.
$6,000 or make reasonable offer. All I can do is say no thanks if I don't like your offer.

More Information
90 Mustang LX w/ 84 TC 2.3 / 88 TC injectors, VAM, & computer
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