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My Pinto Stampede Trip...

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Scott Hamilton:

I want to meet up with as many Pinto folks as I can, weather or not you are coming on the Stampede.

I will be leaving the 15th or 16th depending on how many folks I can get lined up for a drive by and may need to alter my course to meet up with others on a different trajectory to the Stampede. Will be taking 2 days to travel up- will find a hotel on the way hopefully near a half way point.

Driving my Green 72 Runabout-


What are your routes and when are you leaving? Let's try and caravan up or if you are on-route, I want to meet you and see your Pinto!

Scott,I only have a 4 hour drive to Detroit.I will be leaving some time Thursday morning.We have to meet up some where in Ohio.I hope that Tommy and Sherri will meet up with you coming up.See you in a week.

Scott, Where ya stopping fer your halfway point? Harley, What day & Time you leaving fer Dearborn?

Tommy I will leave on the 17th.Not sure what time  I will leave .I need to get with Dick before I will know for sure.I'll let you know later on what time,I'm hoping sometime between 11 and 12.See you Thursday.

Scott here is my route. We have a planned stop in South Bend IN for lunch at 11:30am Studebaker Museum tour at 1:00, leaving South Bend at 2:30. Taking I 80/90 to I 69 north to US highway 12 to Dearborn


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