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2014 Pinto Stampede!

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Norman Bagi:
Yes, it is that time again!  Time to start talking about the next Stampede.  This Stampede will be a little different, it will be a pilgrimage from all directions converging on the Pinto Holy Land.
Yes people we are going to Dearborn the home of Ford itself, and we are going in style!
Friday July 18th we will attend the very exclusive Ford Employee Car Show.  This show is not for everyone and registration is limited to invites and the Stampede has been invited!
The likes of Jack Rousch, Bill Ford and other notable Ford icons attend this prestigious car show, this is a once in a lifetime event for Pinto owners.
With the Henry Ford museum and other attractions within walking distance, their is plenty to do and see.  This is only the first post, more will come and other things will be posted to do on Saturday and Sunday, they are all ready in the works.
If you are seriously interested in coming on this trip, email the trail Boss, Norman Bagi at and get on the mailing list. 
See you on the road.  ::)

I was invited to the show last year. It was really Cool! If there is any way for you to go, GO! I am planning a drive on the 17th from the midwest if anyone wants to join in let me know.


           I just might tow up there sounds very cool ill be in touch


I am SO looking forward to this!!!
Dwayne ;D

Talked to Norm earlier this week, looks like I'll take a shot at this show this next summer. Hope to see some old friends there!


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