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Which vehicles had 2.3 roller cams

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How about we start a list of which cars roller cams for the 2.3 can be found in?

We all know that the early 90s rangers have them, but I found mine in a 91 Mustang. I don't know if they all had it for that year, but the one I pulled it from had the 8-plug cylinder head and solid state ignition, easy enough to identify without removing the valve cover.

That car had been at the yard for over a year but I never thought to pull the valve cover and check it. I fell upon the cam by surprise when I popped off the cover to see if the motor had 12-point head bolts.

if i remember right, 89 and up rangers with the lima 2.3 and 2.5 and 91 and up mustang.  the later year 2.5 rangers had a smaller valve stem so the followers wont work on the old style valve.  i think that started in 98 but i could be wrong.


The roller cams started with the 87 Ranger 2.3 engines.  Then there was a change around 2001? where the valve stem diameters changed.  Add roller cam and the followers and you are in business.  Mine was installed on a 79 2.3 head. 


--- Quote from: 73JIM on January 03, 2016, 01:36:16 PM ---Then there was a change around 2001? where the valve stem diameters changed.

--- End quote ---

Not exactly.....Fo rd ceased production of Lima platform engines in 2001.  ;) Industrial applications may have continued longer, but those engines are pretty tough to find info on.

The valve stem diameter went from 11/32" (0.344") to 7mm (0.276") for the 1995 model year. (Why a metric engine ever had U.S.-standard valve guides... ??? ) Roller followers from '95+ engines will not work on 11/32 valves.

I'm pretty sure that in regards to the Mustang, only the 91-93 Mustangs had them. I don't believe that the later Mustangs had the 2.3L as an option.
I could be wrong, but pretty sure.


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