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Poison Pinto:
Using information gained from this site and the site, I have written a BASIC program to decode 1971-80 Ford/Mercury VINs. The program also deciphers the paint codes. I will update it to include some other codes as I have time.

It includes the codes for Pintos, Bobcats, Mustang IIs, Mavericks, and some other Fords.

It's not's your basic BASIC text program. No flashy graphic interface.

It's not generally doesn't discern between real VINs and fabricated VINs. But if you have an actual VIN for a Ford vehicle from 1971 - 1980, it'll tell you what came off the assembly line.

I also need to find the body codes for Mercury Comets as well as some other Ford vehicles so I can implement those into the program.

Currently, I have version 1.0 online at:
www.geocities. com/mopac_fan/poison_pinto/vin.bas

Any corrections, modifications, suggestions, et ceteras are appreciated. Either leave a message in this thread or email me at:

Poison Pinto:
I am currently updating the program.

Version 1.1 will include the following additions:
Revised entry prompts;
Trim codes for Pintos, Bobcats, and Mustang IIs;
Axle codes;
Transmission codes.

Poison Pinto:
The update is now on my website:

www.geocities. com/mopac_fan/poison_pinto/vin.bas

You may need QBASIC to run the program. If you need it, run a search for QBASIC or QBASIC2000. Geocities won't let me upload an ".exe" extension to my site or I'd have it there for you.

The program does VIN codes for Pintos, Bobcats (both U.S.A. and Canadian models), Mustang IIs, and Mavericks as well as some other 1970s Fords (Galaxie 500s, Thunderbirds, Rancheros, etc.) It also does transmission, rear end, and interior codes.

So, if you want to know what your car's setup is (or if you want to know what it came off the assembly line with), get the various codes off the driver's-side door jam and enter them into the program.

As always, if there's a question or correction, let me know at:

If you want, I should be able to upload it as an exe on my site.
If you want, send it and I will see what I can do.


Poison Pinto:
Version 1.2 (6/21/04) is now online.

Corrected problem with getting Mustang II interior descriptions for other vehicles when legitimate transmission code was entered.


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