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losin sux:
Ok I have d/l qbasic from m$ how do I import the code into the program?  Can I just save it with file ex .bas or do I need to do something else?  I tried to copy, new file and paste but it won't let me do that.  Clue me in please.

Poison Pinto:
Save both qbasic. exe and vin.bas in your C:\ directory (not in a folder)

Start qbasic.exe and click on File -> Open.

Type either "vin.bas" or "*.bas" (don't use the quotations) in the File Name box (*.bas will show all files with the .bas extension to choose from)

Select vin.bas (if you used the *.bas option)

Click on Run -> Start in the qbasic menu.

losin sux:
Well therein lies the problem.  I can't "save as" and get .bas as a file extension option!  Any other ideas?

Poison Pinto:
You shouldn't have to "save as." When you download the program from my site, just left click on the link, click the "Save" button to save it directly to your computer. A window will open that lets you choose which folder to put it in, choose to save it in the C:\ directory.

You most likely don't have your computer set up to recognize the .bas extension. To add .bas to recognized file types, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Folder Options -> File Types. Click on the "New" button and then the "Advanced" button. You can enter "BAS" in the File Extension box and "BAS File" in the "Associated File Type" box. Then where it says "Opens With," click on "Change" and "Select Program from List." Select QBASIC.exe. Finish by clicking the "Apply" button.

losin sux:
Hey Joel, I have a little "kung fu" (X-files reference) after all.  I put in the info from the 76 I looked at today.  It worked and gave me what I thought was valid info.  One suggestion...c hanging the code to accept lower case letters would be an improvement but as it is it's SWEET!


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