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For all you do it yourselfer's here are the sites I use every day. (mustang for 2300 and brakes etc)( for some of the best tech tips by posters I've found plus great pictures of cars/trucks/planes/bikes)(mustang II for 2300 and brakes etc)( for 2300 listed under mini stock) All of these are great site with great tech tip and interesting story's at times. The ratsun site while for Datsun's is one of the best site's I've ever found with 3 pages of new post everyday of the week. Ford Pinto nos on E-gay is great for new old Pinto parts. Please note that there is no guarantee that any or all of these tech tips will work . These tech tip are only posted here to tell you what I have done in the past.

Want more power out of your Pinto at the cost of using more gas? Then take your Holley/Weber 5200 carb apart and do this simple mod. Remove the jets and look at the size on each one. An example would be 50 on the primary and 55 on the secondary. Now put the 55 jet where the 50 was (primary) and drill the 50 jet till it is 5 larger than the primary jet. Again as an example you will now have a 55 in the primary and a 60 in the secondary. It'll use more gas but will run so much better. Also try advance the timing some to help out the way it runs. Even an extra 2 deg will help. All for now.

Want more top end power out of your Pinto? The Holley/Weber carb has a poor air cleaner in that the lid is to close to the carb. Simple fix is to add 2 or 3 gaskets to the top of the carb which will move the air cleaner up ward. You'll know when you've moved too much cause the air cleaner will rub on the under side of the hood. You will need to install longer bolt in the carb that pass through the air cleaner to hold the air cleaner down. Easy fix with more top end power. BTW the gaskets are on E-gay every day and cheap too.

I love these simple but effective tips.

Most of the 2300 tips I know of were used by me on my 80 Pinto IT-B SCCA race car from 1984 to 1990. The good ole days.


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