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Think you need more fuel pressure for your Pinto. If so get yourself a very early Ranger 2300 fuel pump for a 2300 carb'd engine. Its made upside down so its easy to tell if you have the right one. You'll have to remove that heavy fuel pump roll cage but you should anyway. The Ranger pump will pump plenty of fuel for even a race Pinto.

Want to get rid of that large piece of junk iron called a "master cylinder". You know, the one that leaks and rust no matter what you paint it with. Well then go down to your parts store and get an 1986 Ranger 2300 with disk brakes WITH OUT POWER BRAKES master cylinder. Its part number MC39568 at O'nearly. I think it was only one year. You may need to shorten the rod that plugs into it. If so there are adjustable rods on E-gay. I made my own so its not hard at all. It'll make your Pinto look like its not only faster but shinny. BTW if it comes without the rod, they've sold you the wrong one. Make sure its a 15/16 size piston.

74 PintoWagon:
Some good tips there..

Got a Pinto or any kind of low horsepower car with air condition? You know, when you turn the air on you lose 1/2 your power. Going up a hill is a real chore. Easy fix. Just install a vacuum switch on the air compressor that cut off the compressor when the engine produces little or no vacuum, like going up a hill. These switch's can be bought at large part stores like NAPA , Speedway Racing or a large auto air condition shop. You could also cut out the alternator at the same time with the same switch.

Ever been on a trip and have your radiator start leaking? Easy fix will get you home. Remove the radiator cap after its cooled down and remove the small rubber gasket. Not the large one. You may have to add water along the way, but now you'll have a drip in place of a pressure stream. It all depends on the size of the hole. This will not work if someone shoots a 357 through your radiator.


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