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So, do I stand corrected then? When they talk about roller rockers on a 2.0 (EAO) engine will the 2.3 roller rockers fit?  Or, were they just speaking hypothetically that "if" there was a roller rocker that fits it would work?

No way! He is talking about the 2000 Pinto roller rocker arms that came on German taxi cabs and were sold here by Racer Walsh in the 70's. I bought the last set he had in the mid 80's. They were great in a taxi cab but too heavy in a race car. They would loose you 500 RPM when you tried to use them. Ford never made a special cam for them. They worked just fine on a stock cam or on a race cam. Being too heavy was their only down side. Sold all of mine to an off road buggy that never saw much over 5000 RPM. In my post, Dave said the ranger rollers would work just fine on a stock 2300 cam. Who wants to be the first to try? If it's true, all you would need is the rocker arms and keep your stock cam. Dave Williams is one of the smartest people on earth when it comes to anything automotive. He now has a web site where people pay him a set fee to answers automotive problems. Pay up and for one year he is all yours. One smart guy with a 2L background. Shop is in Little Rock, Arkansas.

dick1172762: is his old web site with more tech than a person can remember.

Crazy Lacy:

--- Quote from: dick1172762 on December 29, 2016, 04:01:28 PM ---Say your going to put a header on your 2300 Pinto and your going to use 3" pipe all the way to the rear bumper. No way unless your going to the salt flats. Exhaust is very big part of how your Pinto runs on the street. Most headers except Speedway have a 21/2" dia collector. A 21/2" pipe all the way would be just right if your Pinto is a full race engine car. A stock Pinto on the street needs no more than 2" to really run good. 21/4" if its got a cam and duel Webers. Bigger is not BETTER. Stock is only 13/4" so 2" is plenty if your car is stock. No fart can too. A turbo or glasspack is all you need unless you want to sound like a sport bike at 12000 rpm. Just remember that your Pinto will not be run to red line each and every day.(not for long anyway). Best header? Hedman two piece header is great and fits ole so good. Hard to find but still out there. Stay away from Pacemaker as there way over priced. Factory Ranger and Mustang are ok.

--- End quote ---

If my 2.0 is a headman " Silver One shown here", it don't look 2 piece :o If mine is a headman, does it have good ground clearance??


--- Quote from: Crazy Lacy on December 20, 2017, 01:10:00 PM ---If my 2.0 is a headman " Silver One shown here", it don't look 2 piece :o If mine is a headman, does it have good ground clearance??

--- End quote ---
The Silver header is indeed a 2 piece, But it's been welded where the tubes meet the collector. Ground clearance is a relative term. Is your car lowered? Most header collectors on Mass produced units are visible from the underneath at a distance. Only a custom unit is entirely tucked in and there are other considerations regarding clearances to critical components ( starter, bell housing, and floor pan. Even my one piece Hooker requires undoing the Motor mount to fully install over the Head studs. The starter usually has to come out with the Header removed. Finally, a 4-2-1 header is the best design for nearly stock engines. The 4 to 1 design is best for racing engines and require other mods to work well.
 Been there, done that.  ;D


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