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Want a little better mileage or power? Get rid of the heated intake manifold. This will only work if both heater hoses go to the front of the motor. Remove the intake and gasket and make a plate out of a coke can to block the square hole in the center of the manifold. The hole is about 3/4" square. Place the plate next to the manifold not the head. I use double side tape to hold it in place but glue will work too. Now reinstall the gasket and manifold. Check for leaks and your done. Do not try this if you live and drive in very cold country. You may have to move your temp gage sender to a different location. (there's several) Smog hoses are up to you if you want to de smog your car. Pinto were built in the very early day of smog control and are excessive to say the least.

Go to and look at car porn (its not x rated just pictures of really great cars)There is 474 pages of pictures. They also have planes trucks bikes porn. Also look under "view new contents". Great site and pictures are second to none. No Pintos BUT they allow any brand so someone here needs to post Picture of Pintos. Go to page 472 to see the most perfect interior in a car ever.

Say your going to put a header on your 2300 Pinto and your going to use 3" pipe all the way to the rear bumper. No way unless your going to the salt flats. Exhaust is very big part of how your Pinto runs on the street. Most headers except Speedway have a 21/2" dia collector. A 21/2" pipe all the way would be just right if your Pinto is a full race engine car. A stock Pinto on the street needs no more than 2" to really run good. 21/4" if its got a cam and duel Webers. Bigger is not BETTER. Stock is only 13/4" so 2" is plenty if your car is stock. No fart can too. A turbo or glasspack is all you need unless you want to sound like a sport bike at 12000 rpm. Just remember that your Pinto will not be run to red line each and every day.(not for long anyway). Best header? Hedman two piece header is great and fits ole so good. Hard to find but still out there. Stay away from Pacemaker as there way over priced. Factory Ranger and Mustang are ok.

If you drive your Pinto really HARD you need a better oil filter than stock. On my race cars I use a Chevrolet filter(327-350) with a Moroso adapter. If you doin't have a remote filter use a 69 Datsun 510 filter which screws right on as stock. I use Wix filters 100% and both have no by pass so all of the oil pass's thru the filter. Be careful not to over rev the engine when cold or you could blow the filter off the motor. I've been using this setup for the past 40 years with no problems. Oil? I've used it all with no problem. I've even used Wall Mart oil with no problem at all. Just keep it clean and changed often. STP? I've used it for 40 years too with no problems in hi mileage motors. Weight? 5/30 in newer cars and 10/40 in my Pintos. 20/50 oil is only good for a 500 mile race. Go to BOB IS THE OIL GUY to read up on oil. I would not ever use a dayglow orange FRAM filter on any car. Just what I think.

You say oil is getting into your brake drums after a long drive? Easy fix. Of course change the seals at the backing plates and then remove the breather fitting on the top side of the axel tube. It's the one with a hose going up into the frame of the car. Take the fitting and drill the hole that goes thru it to 1/8"(.125) dia. The fitting has a very small hole from the factory and plugs up easy to cause pressure to build up in the rear end housing and cause the leaks. See I told you it was easy.


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