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T9 Good to Install for a Performance '72 122c.i./2.0?

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Bret Culpepper:
Salutations Y'all;

I've searched the Entire site & couldn't find an answer.
My '72 122c.i./2.0 has installed a Blackjack Header, a Weiand Intake, along w/ the 390c.f.m. Holley designed for the 122c.i./2.0.
I've found a standard T9 & know about it's weaknesses, but will there be a Problem  w/ installing the T9 w/ the above Performance Parts?

Hi Bret, once installed a T9 will hold up just fine with your modified 2.0.

I agree as well

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They were factory gearboxes behind turbo 2.3s in the Merkur XR4Ti. That engine easily made 160hp/220ft-lbs at the wheels with just exhaust, which is probably 50-60% more than your 2.0 with basic mods.
I wouldn't worry about it.

Where did you find that T-9? I have been looking for one for the longest time.


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