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T9 Good to Install for a Performance '72 122c.i./2.0?

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--- Quote from: Wittsend on November 19, 2019, 02:51:22 PM ---
You also have to weight if in everyday driving the 2.0 and a 5 speed are a good match. Some here have said no.  The 2.0 when it makes more power tends to make it in the higher RPM range. On a race track where you are moving at speed that is OK but in everyday driving it might be a hindrance.


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This quote made me think. So I fired up my 1973 Pinto with a 2.0, increased compression ratio and headers, drove it around making sharp accelerations from stops. I compared it to my 2006 Corolla 5 speed.

The Toyota 1.8L generates lots more torque at low RPMs. The author is right. The Ford 2.0 has to be wound up to higher RPM before it really generates the torque. So I wonder if hiway cruising at 2200 RPM is really practical in the Pinto like it is in my Corolla.

No, it probably won't be. The stock 2.0 that was in my car liked to wind up. 2200 is at the bottom range of usable with the larger 2.3T that replaced it. Same with my '04 Tacoma 2.4.

2.0s are known for having intake ports that are, aside from being sub-optimally shaped, already too big for the engine. It makes the low-end rather soft in cruising RPMs.


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