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I just picked up a pair of the optional sport mirrors with the remote adjusters and wondered if anyone could give me the exact dimensions of where the adjust sticks mount for both sides. The length of the cables for the passenger side are considerably longer with a grommet on them which makes me wonder if that side mounts somewhere other than the door, maybe in the dash within easier reach for the driver. I'm not sure of the year the mirrors came off of, in fact they may be from a Mustang II, which are the same dimensionally and nonetheless will fit just fine on a 1972 Pinto. Anyone have those sport mirrors?

You are correct sir, the cable is too long to mount on the door. It actually mounts in a hole that is on the driver side about an inch or two to the left of the radio. If there isn't one you should be able to drill one with no problem.

Fred Morgan:
This is on an 80.  Fred   :)

Hey Fred,

That's exactly the information I was looking for! I can't thank you enough ;D


Fred Morgan:
Brian happy to help ! If you want different year taken I can get more.   Fred   :)


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