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rear leaf spring compatibilty

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I have a 77 Pinto sedan that the left rear leaf spring has broken, so I gotta replace it. I don't have access to a Pinto, but was wondering if a Fox body mustang Leaf spring will work? I gotta get it fixed ASAP as I can't really drive it, as the rear axle is just moving all over the place on the left side.. don't want to brake the rear end or anything.

 Fox body Mustangs do not have leaf springs they have coils.
The only leafsprings  that will fit a Pinto is a Pinto, even the Mustang II is slightly longer.

You can get new springs from JC Whitney for about $125.

dirt track demon:
speedway has them for 100


I got a pair from jc whiplash and when installed, the car was topped out in the rear. Way too high (and stiff), so I removed the smallest leaf (from both) and installed a spacer. Also, one of them had the pin in the wrong location, and I had to send it back.

Keep in mind that there IS A BIG DIFFERENCE between "arc" and "rate" on leaf springs. If you change the rate you will change how the car handles. If you go to stiffer springs on the rear, and your car does not have a front sway bar, think about getting one.

The wagon springs are longer than the non-wagon ones. They also have an extra leaf in them (none of the leafs are the same as non-wagons), and with that, the clamp block is different. I got a pair of them (used, cheeeep) and was able to custom build a set for the old race car (paved track). I made the right a little stiffer by using the different length parts.



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