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Just thought I would pass on the following information that I discovered today.

The Pinto uses a 4 on 4.25" lug pattern for its wheels. The stock wheels as we all know are 13", which are going to be a problem in the future, as 13" car tires are being phased out. For those of us like me that are doing a restomod on your Pinto, then you don't mind having other than stock wheels.

You can also have bigger wheels without doing a 5 lug conversion (if wheels are truly the reason for your conversion). Another great thing is that you can have new to you wheels, without paying a grand a set.

So here we go, follow along.

As we already established a Pinto uses the 4 on 4.25" pattern, but this can also be converted into millimeters to read 4 on 108mm. That alone opens some new doors for you as many wheel guys never think to do that numerical conversion.

Another important fact about the Ford Pinto is that it has a 63.4 mm hub opening in the wheels. This means that any wheel you get at the pick and pull needs to not only have a 4 on 4.25" (or 4 on 108mm) bolt pattern, but it also needs to have a center hub hole that is at least 63.4 mm. Bigger is fine, but smaller is not, that is of course unless you own a machine shop. 

All this information is great, but what does it all mean??

It means that junk yard wheels will fit your Pinto, but what do you look for?

Ford Mustang 5.0 GT  1991-93
Saab 9000  1998

16x 6.5
Saab 9000 1990-93

1999 and up Mercury Cougar

Ford Mustang 5.0 GT 1985-91
Ford T-Bird 1981-88
Mercury Cougar 1985-88
Porsche 924 1977-86

Volvo 850 1992-93

Alfa Romeo Spider (optional)
Ford Focus 2000 and up
Saab 900 1990-93
Saab 9000 1986-1997
Mercury Mystique 1995-96

Alfa Romeo Spider (standard)
Ford Contour 1995 and up
Ford Mustang 1979-93
Porsche 924 1977-86 (standard)
Mercury Mystique 1995-96

Ford Fairmont/ and T-birds 1979 and up
Ford Granada/ LTD 1978-88
Mercury Cougar 1980-85
Mercury Capri 1974-86

I know that some of these had regular wheels stock, but the Mustangs, Focus, Contour, T-birds all not only came with nice looking wheels stock, but are also hugely popular to have aftermarket wheels installed on. Remember that these measurements come from a sample of cars, not all of them. So it is possible to find 5 lug stangs, and LTDs, it is also possible that a stock steelie on a Granada may measure out at 15x8. The point is that this guide is for reference to help you in your search, it is not necessarily all inclusive, or the gospel for all models of mustang. So measure before you buy.

Hope this helps.

A great write up! We should archive or sticky this to make sure it stays around!

I agree with you Dave. Good info!

robert t:
Thank you for the info,this will be a big help.Going to print this one out for sure.

Nice write-up with an abundance of good ideas! Something cool to think on when you are out searching a local yard or see something in a local trader paper. Two thumbs up!



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