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Any 14 inch  4 bolt Foxbody Mustang wheel  fits.  The're everywhere cheap. If you find other 14 inch wheels that fit, and center hole is too small. Contact Racer Walsh in Jacksonville Florida for wheel spacers. I have been using the 14 inch Mustang wheels for racing, never had any issue.

Woah! Some kinda wheel drama there!

 I read through this thread(my head hurts now), and some others, but wasn't able to find if anyone has determined if 1985 mustang gt's factory ten hole "phone dial" ford 4 lug wheels will fit a 76. I'm switching over to the 5 lug eventually, but I need new tires now, as I drive mine daily. And they're about the same diameter I think I'll end up with after the 5 lug swap.

Ps. Wrapped in 225 60 15's.

When i junked my 83 mustang convertible, (4lug) i put the wheels on my 79 pinto (4lug) with no lug troubles,, Only hang up i had was the tire profile on the front, (plastic fender liners rubbed). Dont see why they wouldnt bolt up.... :)


What nobody has talked about is after market "mag" wheels. If the fit of the center hole was so important, why do the majority of the company's  sell their wheels with an oversize hub hole? I have raced ever kind of automobile on ever kind of track and the majority of the wheels were  located only by the lug bolts. The wheel company's make their wheels to fit many cars with hubs in many sizes. If the clearance of the hub was so important why would they do this. I ran American Libra 13x7 wheels on all of my Pinto's and the center holes of those wheels was not only bigger than the hub it was as casted from American Wheels. The Libra wheel was the most used wheel in road racing in the 70/80 in SCCA and U-2 Trans am. There are many things to worry about on a car today but how your wheels are held on is not one of them. If you really need to worry about something, go worry about people using FWD wheels on their RWD cars with 1 to 2 inch spacers/adapters to make them fit. That is really BAD! Just remember that if it works on a race car it will be overkill on the street. And bad mouthing Jessi should be a no no on this forum. Keep up the good work Jessi and please keep on posting on here.

I just bought 2 sets of Bassett Racing wheels  part # 47SP4S  from Summit for vintage  racing this season .  They should also make great road wheels.


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