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narrowing a 8.8 explorer rear

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this is the best method of narrowing a explorer rear that I have found so far (IMHO). It only requires one cut.,11946.0.html 

I have heard of another method that does not require any cuts, but have not found documentation yet.   It involves removing the long side housing and axle and replacing it with a short side housing and axle that leaves you with a rear with two short side housings and axles. either way you end up with a 8.8 rear that  has "an overall width of 56.125" wide, or 0.875 inches narrower then the stock Pinto axle". with 5 lug disc and a trac-lock diff and 373/410 gears. Can I get an Amen from the congregation ?


granada 8 inch 57.25 will handle most stockers or 275 horses

Thats a fact.  but,  if your going to kick it up a notch, (V8 or turbo 4), you might be interested in an 8.8  .  besides, add up all the cost for parts and labor to convert that 8"  to  the 8.8 specs listed above.  I am quite certain it will be quite expensive... much more than an 8.8 out of the wrecking yard.  let me give you an example,  I recently bought an 8" out of a 68 ford falcon. I think I paid $150.00 or $200.00 for it, sounded like a great deal.  I was going to put it in the pinto. but first I wanted to rebuild it to 8.8 specs.  a local shop wanted in excess of $500.00 to do the work, parts plus labor.  when all was said and done I would have over $750.00 in a 8" and still not have the rear disc brakes, and are the grenadas 5 lug ? so the bottom line was, I could buy two 8.8's for what one 8" would cost.... no thanks, I'll go 8.8....


--- Quote from: ponyrancher on June 11, 2011, 10:27:37 PM ---granada 8 inch 57.25 will handle most stockers or 275 horses

--- End quote ---

Uhh granadas rears that most people use are 5 lug and are 9 inch rears not 8. Its the same rear a lincoln versailles uses with the exception that the lincoln has disc brakes both of which will bolt straight under a pinto.
But yah the 8.8 explorer is a way cheaper alternative only bad thing about any 8.8 is the C-clips that hold the axles in if they break the axle can slide out. But C-clip eliminators fix that problem.
But them sliding out would prolly only happen with the older drum brake 8.8 rears i dont think there would be enough force to rip the caliper/caliper mount off on a disc brake setup to allow the axle to come out.


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