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Take a look at  for many tech posting that work on a Pinto too.

Hummm..., I took a quick look around and under Mods, Suspension/Steering found this:

After lowering the front of my car with a simple spring swap, I wanted to lower the back a little to level the car out and to also improve the stance of the car. I thought an inch would be enough but I was puzzeled about how to do it and didn't really want to spend alot of money doing it. After studying the problem for a bit, here's my solution. What I came up with is relatively easy and best of all it was free!
This was ALL the information and no additional link (nothing to click on), hence what you read above is all there is. I looked through a few more listings and others were similar in that the text was incomplete to explain the process, parts etc..  It was not all of them but it was a bit confusing.  I know that sometimes when people create websites they make "placeholders" and maybe this is what some of the incomplete articles are???

Take a look at the forum for "published tech articles" then go to "lowering the back of the II" Many pictures there.

Wow, a lot more than shows on the surface. Thanks. Not sure why it take a "guide" to get you there though. You might want to add a little "navigation" to the first post.

I know what you mean. I've been a member for a couple years, so its easy for me. I post there as Profile and they do have a lot of good stuff. I check it every day.


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