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Heater motor that clears the turbo downpipe ( FOUND)

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Ruger Nut:
I have found the heater fan motor that will work and clear the O2 sensor and down pipe.  By trimming the 5/16" shaft and cutting to length this motor I found at Oreillys and its new with warranty for around $35.     it didnt take much to make it work I just , it bolts right in the mount plate, ,  it puts out alot of air and worked out great with the resistor,  I just cut the old wire connections off and spliced then to th new fan wires mounted it and it clered inside and out   244.photobucke[/IMG].     here is the clearance of the down pipe,   wished I knew this before relocating the O2 sensor,  I could have left it in the orignal location,   

Ruger Nut:
more pics                                                                                                                                   

Mike Modified:
Interesting!  "Chrysler radiator fan"

Fred Morgan:
Or use A/C unit, then motor is inside car.   Fred   :)

Thankfully heater motors are rather generic.  They run on 12V DC... - and spin a fan. There are probably a multitude of fan motors that are adaptable to the Turbo Pinto clearance issue.  I'm not sure why it seems to be a major issue for some.  For all that it takes to swap the 2.3 Turbo (especially into early cars) it seems a minor modification. My work around was to use the motor/fan from an MG Midget. Simply elongating the holes and reverse wiring the motor did the job. 15 minutes and $15 at Pick A Part.

I'm Glad you found a motor that works.  Do you have the application forthe motor you used, or is it just a generic fan motor?  I'm sure others appreciate knowing a fan motor is available at the local parts store.  Good job!



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