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Heater motor that clears the turbo downpipe ( FOUND)

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Dodge Caravan
If you play around with discount codes online this can be had for $20 new at Advance*14922%7CL2*15019%7CL3*15907

Thought I'd bump this old thread with an update of my own.

I ordered one of these from from O'Reilly's this week. Their e-catalogs only list Murray, but what I received was actually a rebranded VDO. They are now marked "made in Mexico" and it was priced at $22.99. It also does not have a plug on the wire, but crimp splices that appear to be factory-installed.

Nice to know there are other, readily available options out there.  My using the MG fan motor was one of convenience.  I had bought it to use in my Tiger, but had yet to install the housing in the car. However, the smaller cage and running it backwards likely isn't ideal. Functional, but not ideal.

Here's some more info in case anyone is interested.  I found another option (according to specs because I have't tried it yet) that almost matches the shaft length of the Pinto blower motor, so possibly no mods needed.  It's available from Autozone, Oreilly Auto, RockAuto and I'm sure others: VDO PM360.

Here is the shorter alternate VDO PM360 motor that is 3-1/2" long with 1-5/8" shaft:

Here is the VDO PM3652 motor for the Caravan motor that is 3-5/8" long with 3-5/8" shaft:

Here is the VDO PM350 motor for the Pinto w/o A/C that is 4.125" long with 1-3/8" shaft:

The applications for the PM360 are:

CHEVROLET   G10   1975-1977
CHEVROLET   G20   1975-1977
CHEVROLET   G30   1975-1977
CHEVROLET   IMPALA   1959-1963
CHEVROLET   K10 SUBURBAN   1967-1968
CHEVROLET   K20 SUBURBAN   1967-1968
CHRYSLER   NEWPORT   1959-1963
DODGE   D100 PICKUP   1968-1973
DODGE   D200 PICKUP   1968-1973
DODGE   D300 PICKUP   1968-1973
DODGE   W100 PICKUP   1968-1973
DODGE   W200 PICKUP   1971-1973
DODGE   W300 PICKUP   1968-1973
GMC   C15/C1500 SUBURBAN   1967-1972
GMC   C25/C2500 SUBURBAN   1967-1972
GMC   JIMMY   1970-1991
GMC   K15/K1500 SUBURBAN   1967-1968
GMC   K25/K2500 SUBURBAN   1967-1968


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