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Fuel injection for 2.0 Pinto


Fuel injection for early 2.0 Pintoís.
Last year Weber introduced a aftermarket fuel injection system that suits several  seventies 4 cylinder classics including the German 2.0 Pinto. There is also a Pinto specific inlet manifold for this system.  The system is called Retroject, and Weber already have a complete hardware kit on their UK site;
I found a similar kit on a Norwegian site that also incorporates a wiring loom and ECU (KMS from the Netherlands); .
This looks like a reasonably complete package, question that remains is if basic fuel and ignition maps are already available for the different aftermarket ECUís that will get connected to this system.
The swirl pot is a nice product on its own, if youíre stuck with a pre-efi gastank.
I think you might have to check if your alternator is up to the job.
So far I havenít found any real life install posts on this product, Iím already running injection, so, anyone else who wants to bite the bullet?

Nice looking workmanship. I see that both barrels work together as one. What will the world wide mfg's think of next?


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