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Every time I look up Fuel cells.. I get a bunch of hydrogen based stuff... but the "fuel cells" I see on this site look allot like gas tanks but with a battery by its side...
So what's going on.. can someone explain to me how it all works?

Because my girl wants me to do something about the gas tank... and I don’t know where to start..

Much thanks...


Hello Reravis,
 Your 1979-80 Pinto was already FACTORY equiped with the ford ANTI-BLOW-UP kit!
So NO wories!!!!!1
This was called the August 1975 Campain KIT
Fom Pintony

go to Summitracing.c om and do a search for fuel cells. You will find them there.

I can't tell from your pic if you have a sedan or h/b. Either way, you will need to do lots of cutting to install a cell to be properly protected by the bumper, and unless you know how to stiffen the rear of the car back to the way it was, or better, it might be even more of an issue in a crash. You can just drop it in the trunk, if you have one, but unless it is sealed off and secured, again more potential issues. Also it will not be easy use the stock filler location, if at all, with a cell, making you have to go INTO the car itself to put gas in, again, not the safest thing to do. Fuel cells can be damaged in a crash too, even the metal cased ones (never use the plastic ones un-protected by a steel box).

For ME, I like the tank "sealed" outside of the main body of the car, with the stock filler location, and in a way that has been tested for impact.

Do what you think is right for you.


thanks much everyone.. but i do belive that Im going to just add more reinforcement around the tank... so there wont be any doubt.


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